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What nocoderestricted does to better help you?

nocoderestricted designs and develops websites using techniques and technologies that are standard for the web and mobile devices. Plus, nocoderestricted uses up and coming technologies to give your website future proof to be up to date with others further down the line. Every website comes with its’ own CMS for you (the client) can change all wording and images and etc. Having your own CMS helps your website stay up to date with the content that you provide to your users. If you would like to start a project click here and hope to be having conversations with you in the near future about your new website.

The Steps


Gathering information about you & your company. To deliver the best website that any man/women has ever seen. We have to figure out what technologies I need to use to best suit the project. What motivates and excites you to make this project the best project that you have ever created.


Delivering to you the basic structure of your website. We will be going back and forth until we get the right wireframe for you. Then I will give you a design comp where the wireframe is all prettied up!


This is where the magic and pixie dust from fairies come in and code the site that you approved. Just know that those fairies know what they are doing and they build the best websites ever!


WOOOOOHOOO!! The time has come! Your website is finished! Time to launch it and time to see your baby hit the internet for the first time. This is the part where we cry together (for no longer than 5 seconds max) for the endless possibilities that the future has in store for you and your new website.

The Portfolio

Empowering Women Chat Chew

The Gods Magnificent Jewels Mentoring Program is designed to Teach.

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Future Hits Online

Clothing store that was a sotre front but now trying the online buisness.

Click for more

Koeal Braxton Photography

Photograpy website that displays models and the photograpers work.

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FlyFish!! Browse and explore the awesomeness of what coding can do. And there might be some free stuff in there to download.

Click here

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Wanna Just talk?

Feel free to! I'm not anti-social. But, I'm probably sitting in the movie theater for 6 or more hours seeing a double or a triple feaure! That's just something I enjoy doing! I apologize in advance if you're offend by this. Movie tickets is to expensive! Feel free to e-mail me here.

American Diabetes

One more thing you should know about me is I'm a huge supporter of finding a cure to Diabetes (Type-1 to be exact). If you would like to donate to help please follow this link. It would mean the world to me if they ever found one.