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Design, Develop, Deploy

Work with Me

The Stare Down

Meeting with you to get a general idea of what you’re looking for in the project. Have about a 30 minute to an hour conference call.

The Development

This is where the magic happens. Gather up all the information that you provided to me and put and put together wireframe for you to approve. Then we'll do a design composition for you to approve as well.

The Turn Out

The Final Product! Let you see the project to make sure everything is fine and up running to your standards. Once you give the OK. I'll hand over the files to you.

Some of the technologies used. But not Limited too.









Come check it out!

The Laboratory
Where you can find experimental awesomeness!

Donte' Trumble

The Lone Developer

I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, coding and, running. After a long day of sitting in a chair I to run to clear out my mind and eat cinnamon toast crunch afterwards to cure my hunger. Android is the better operating system. IOS is to dumb down for my standards. : )

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