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We all want to be on the internet. It's just developing part what holds you back. That's where I come into play. Use the contact form to start a new beginning.

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Code Zone!! Browse and explore the awesomeness of what coding can do. And there might be some free stuff in there to download. These projects are what spawned out of my head :). Might not be cool to you but it is to me. This is what I do when I have free time and I don't want to play video games (XBL GT: Dowomenfart).

Wanna Just talk?

Feel free to! I'm not anti-social. But, I'm probably sitting in the movie theater for 6 or more hours seeing a double or a triple feaure! That's just something I enjoy doing! I apologize in advance if you're offend by this. Movie tickets is to expensive! Feel free to e-mail me here.

American Diabetes

One more thing you should know about me is I'm a huge supporter of finding a cure to Diabetes (Type-1 to be exact). If you would like to donate to help please follow this link. It would mean the world to me if they ever found one.